Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today's one liners

- Have you realized if our vision could extend till the stars, how powerful those eyes are?

- Possibility and Impossibility both start from the human mind.

- What is more important to you today? Money or Happiness?

- How many colors do you know till today? have you considered a color splash in your life?

- Movement = Life - Its all about racing with Time, feeling the movement and acting with speed that brings true joy.

- Happiness cannot be measured physically - It can only be felt by people

- Joy of giving = Joy of living

- If you are able to help - please do

- Money can also be produced but human spirit cannot be - It can only be Reproduced (:P)

- There is one difference between animals and human beings. We have ability  to create new senses.

- often times we all wonder what is the Sixth sense - ability to touch, hear, see, smell and feel are the five core senses - The sixth sense is to Think.

- Computers can replace human mind, but cannot replace the soul.

- If you have realized God in your life even once, you will believe in him

- Are all our needs created? Or is it intrinsic?

- Every man's two best friends - a car and a woman - man steers the car and the woman steers the man

- Why are friends there for? - To support, encourage and Reinforce our feelings

- Why are families there for? - its a boon to everyone to have a caring and a loving family.

- Where do people derive their maximum energy from? - Realistically from other people - and its a loop - Nobody knows who first gave it to them - must have been a result of the big bang - Every living being in this planet has the energy equivalent to the energy released during the Big bang.  If you don't believe in this, you have not realized the true powers inside you.

- Rivers, The Oceans, the gorges, mountains, plateaus, volcanoes, hurricanes, Tsunami, etc are all forces of nature that represent the true inner forces within our lives.

-what we see in the material world is an exact reflection of our inner life.

-oxygen is life

- If we can think of an idea, it can also be realized

- How often do we think of

-Everything happening in our lives has got a clear reasoning. If we don't reason out things, nothing falls into place - but we need to understand that the reason itself exists in order for us to have a false sense that we have a purpose in life.

- what is the difference between an Atheist and an Anti-Theist - an Atheist does not believe in God, but an Anti-Theist has lost his belief  in Theology or People or Christ or Morality

-If its a true wish, its already granted.

 -Life is all about creativity -


  1. Fantastic, keep them coming buddy

  2. All so true and perfectly worded! Amazing job!

  3. Arjun,
    Wow, it is potent and powerful! :-)
    Keep it up.
    R A